Version 0.9.10 (beta)

Version 0.9.10 (beta) has been uploaded and comes with numerous balance changes and additions to improve the gameplay during dates:

  • When taking "chunk" damage from beams and circles (but not poison drain), the player gets some "invulnerability frames" to avoid multiple stacked hazards causing damage at the same time; only one will damage the player and they will then not take damage for some frames.
  • Balance changes to hazard odds for all characters.
  • If a "grid" pattern of beams spawns, other hazards won't proc at the same time.
  • Other smaller adjustments.

These changes don't make the game much easier, but it makes it more well-rounded and less random in how the player dies. From extensive playtesting there is almost always a way out of any situation, but making it isn't guaranteed depending on how fast you react :)


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Feb 03, 2021

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