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i think sseth is really the hardest TT 

but yet the funest one but always makes me rage xd

(sorry for bad spelling)


*yeets laptop out bedroom window* SSETH Y U GOTTA BE SUCH A BITCH


What a beautiful comment :D


He is definitely one of those people who asks questions that have no good answers and then is upset with you for your answer even there was nothing you could have said in response that wouldn't elicit a negative reaction

Purrkin's adorable

amazing game! :D this deffenitely is for give my platinum meddal of coolness and awesoness B) but really, amazing game!!! :D


This game is amazing! I like all the characters, but dude, Purrkin is awesome. The best tsundere ever


Thank you so much, it's really nice to hear that :D And yes, Purrkin is absolutely the best, isn't he?

ahh oh God he looks so cute in this art style! <3

Dude, I love this game so much! The girls are cute, the gameplay is fun, and it's so addicting... but Sseth..... oh my god Sseth makes me so mad,

I also think there is an issue where after the red stuff goes off it still hurts the player for some reason, but idk

Thank you so much for the kind words!

You might have discovered a bug there; we'll look into that.

Love this game, it's so fun! Love the music and the art, but I gotta ask; does staying in the blue actually do anything lol?


Thank you! Staying in the blue increases your flow, and hearts spawn faster the higher your flow is.

Sigh... love is such a war

I had to refresh the page cuz it froze after I won a fight. It may be a bug possibly so I left this comment, really good game though!The character designs are really pleasant to look at and the controls work smoothly, really nice!:))

Thank you for the kind words, and for reporting that bug. We'll get it sorted real fast!

Hey, game is amazing, however is it possible we get a .png cart or is ot only a standalone


Ask and ye shall receive! It's now been added as a download option 

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so sweet
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Accurate simulation of my dating life. 

But all jokes aside... a fun little twist on the bullet hell genre, genuinely loved it. 


Thank you 

It's also quite possible we were inspired by our own dating experiences when making it.

very nice!

Picamor has everything you want in a relationship/dating game. Lasers, explosions, toxic pools of pain and suffering, the works. The fast paced and frantic gameplay was a good time as well, with just the right amount of challenge, and it brought up some old game memories for me.

Good job, devs.

Recently finished the game in a stream. Sseth is...unpleasant. A real snake in the grass.

Thank you so much for the kind words and for making a video on the game 

I had 10 heart attacks and 3 strokes but at least I finally got all 7 hearts with Hope. Great game 10/10

the difficulty curve seems to be kinda steep ngl

The levels are procedurally generated, so sometimes you can get a bit unlucky and get some spikes. But generally up to level 7 they should all be manageable with some practice and some retries :)

what.. who.. where.. who am i.. what


If you enter your home you can put on an xmas hat, that makes it easier to find yourself. And don't make yourself invisible with the color options, that will make things worse ;)

Is it possible to get the p8.png cart?

Once we're out of beta we plan to release the p8.png cart too, yep!

Awesome! I can't wait.


finished the game with all characters with 7 hearths

anyway, my mom came inside my room and said that if I keep up like this I'll die a virgin and I still don't know why????


But can you get to seven bonus hearts?

Challenge accepted

wow, after a year i still haven't done it lol

i guess i just didn't have the time

maybe i could try this challange out again sometime soon :D

yo, your mother is agressive 


It's so good it's addictive I probably should do my homework instead of playing but I can't


Glad to hear you're enjoying it, but please don't blame us if your grades suffer ;)


Pretty interesting game! The character designs are cute. The gameplay can be pretty challenging at later levels. I like that the difficulty curves a bit if you fail. Music was catchy as well.

I do feel that some of the mechanics could be explained a bit better. It’d be nice to know what your objective/end goal is and what represents your health right from the beginning. (Or at least written up somewhere)

Regardless, great game! Keep up the good work.


Thank you for the feedback! I'll see what we can do about making the goals and systems a bit clearer, it's something we've heard a good few people mention so far. We're also working on some general balance and a final music track.

And thanks so much for making a youtube video on it. I'm going to sit down and take a look later on, it's always very useful to observe someone play your games "live" like that!